Shane Pienaar (fifth from left) with Dr R Fingerhut and Dr A.T.Beck and other trainees, at the Beck Institute 2013 Supervision and Training workshop 

cbt therpist in Pretoria LogoShane Pienaar du Bruyn (D.Phil Psychology, UP) is a Clinical Psychologist (HPCSA registered) and internationally certified CBT Therapist & Trainer (Academy of Cognitive Therapy & Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy), and has lectured locally and abroad. Her mentor is Prof Keith Dobson, University of Calgary, Canada. She has been in private practice for the past 28 years, working with in and out of hospital patients. She is married with three adult children, and is a nature, physical exercise and art enthusiast. She is the Director of the CBTASA (CBT Association of SA).

Her CBT training includes:

  • Advanced Cognitive Therapy distance education program. March 2013 – February 2014. Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy, Ohio, USA. Dr J Pretzer and Dr B Fleming ( Course content covered all mood, anxiety and personality disorders, anger management, mindfulness training and bereavement counselling.


  • Advanced DBT, May 2020. Dr Lane Pederson, PESI workshop. 
  • DBT for the real world: Apply DBT for various clients, April 2020. Dr Delicia Mclean, PESI workshop. 
  • DBT Essentials Level II, April 2020. Dr William Davies, Association for Psychological Therapies workshop. 
  • ACT 1: Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, March 2020. Dr Matthew Boone, Praxis workshop.   
  • ACT, The Self in Practice: Letting go of unhelpful self-concepts workshop, Sept 2019. Dr Louise McHugh (Ireland), Pretoria. 
  • Treating Mental Contamination in OCD workshop, July 2019. Dr Adam Radomsky (Canada), WCBCT, Berlin. 
  • CBT Training and Supervision skills class, July 2019. Dr Sanjay Rao (Canada), WCBCT, Berlin. 
  • ACT, July 2019. Dr Steve Hayes (USA), WCBCT, Berlin.
  • Emotion Focused Therapy, July 2019. Dr Robert Leahy (USA), WCBCT, Berlin. 
  • Socratic Dialogue, July 2019. Dr Christine Padesky (USA), WCBCT, Berlin. 
  • Ethical framework for the use of social media and online mental health services, Jan 2019. Dr H Swanepoel (SA). 
  • Demystifying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Oct 2018. Dr DJ Moran (USA), SA. 
  • Multi-Cultural influences and psychotherapy, August 2018. NP Kubeka (SA).
  • Global Expert Meeting on Psychiatry and Mental Health, July 2018, Rome. 
  • Ethical decision-making in clinical contexts, Oct 2017. Prof B Hoffmann (SA).
  • Emotional Schema Therapy workshop, Sept 2017. Dr Robert Leahy (USA), EABCT, Slovenia. 
  • Basic skills acquisition for good practice of TBCT workshop, Sept 2017. Dr Irismar De Oliviera (Brazil), EABCT, Slovenia. 
  • The road to happiness: Facilitate positive emotion in clients workshop, Sept 2017. Prof Tamie Ronen (Israel), EABCT, Slovenia. 
  • Updating trauma memories with CT for PTSD workshop, Sept 2017. Dr Anke Ehlers (UK), EABCT, Slovenia. 
  • CBT for Depression: Using case conceptualization to guide treatment workshop, Sept 2017. Prof Keith Dobson (USA), EABCT, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
  • The wisdom of change: applying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills in clinical practice workshop, August 2017. Dr Robyn Walser (USA), Pretoria. 
  • Skills training in DBT, June 2017. Drs Christine Dunkley & Amy Gaglia (British Isles DBT training, Linehan Institute accredited), Belfast, Ireland. 
  • Schema Therapy workshop, Part I . March 2017. Prof David Edwards (RU & UCT), Cape Town. Awarding SA Dipl in ST.  
  • Culture & Therapeutic Alliance: Seven empirically supported guidelines for improving multicultural competency in CBT. January 2017. Dr A Asnaani, University of Pennsylvania (webinar). 
  • Schema Therapy workshop, Part II, Personality Disorders and complicated cases. March 2016. Prof David Edwards (RU & UCT), Cape Town. 
  • CBT for OCD workshop. Sept 2015. Prof. Paul Salkovskis (University of Bath), EABCT congress, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Treating complex cases of OCD workshop. Sept 2015. Dr. Christine Purdon, EABCT congress, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Grief Therapy workshop. Sept 2015. Dr. Ruth Malkinson, EABCT congress, Jerusalem, Israel. 
  • Cognitive Therapy for Bipolar Disorder workshop. Sept 2015. Prof. Cory Newman (University of Penn), EABCT congress, Jerusalem, Israel.  
  • CBT in Eating Disorders symposiums. Sept 2015. Prof Y Latzer (University of Haifa), EABCT congress, Jerusalem, Israel. 
  • Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorders in Adolescents workshop. July 2015. Prof. David Clark and Dr. Eleanor Leigh (University of Oxford), BABCP conference, Univ. of Warwick, UK.
  • Training frontline staff in CBT. July 2015. Patrick Roycraft, Thomas Reeves (UK NHS), Michael Duffy (Queens Univeristy Belfast), BABCP conference, Univ. of Warwick, UK.
  • Targeting the self in the CBT treatment of OCD, skills class. July 2015. Mike Kyrios (Australia), BABCP conference, Univ. of Warwick, UK.
  • Low intensity interventions: adapting delivery models to widen access. July 2015.  Jo Woodford,  Mengyi Zenng, Sarah Harris, BABCP conference , Univ. of Warwick, UK. 
  • How can we improve GP management of mental health problems.  July 2015. Prof Tony Kendrick (Southhampton University), Univ. of Warwick, UK.
  • Using technology to enhance delivery of face-to-face CBT, skills class. July 2015. Richard Stott and Emma Warnock-Parkers. (University of Oxford), Univ. of Warwick, UK.  
  • Becoming a virtuoso in CBT, symposium. July 2015. Prof Cory Newman (University of Pen.), BABCP conference, Univ. of Warwick, UK. 
  • Culture-fit Psychotherapy in Transformative South Africa. June 2015 (SA)
  • CBT: From science to practice seminar. November 2014. Prof. S Hofmann (USA), Johannesburg, SA.
  • Mindfulness Matters conference and workshop. November 2014. Drs Cliff Saran (USA), Al Kasznick (USA), Gaelle Desbordes (Harvard Medical School), University of Stellenbosch, SA.
  • CBT-Insomnia for transdiagnostic sleep problems in clinical practice workshop. June 2014. Prof A Harvey (Australia), IACP, Hong Kong.
  • Cognitive-behavioural systems approach in couple therapy workshop. June 2014. Prof M Sungur (Turkey), IACP, Hong Kong.
  • Engaging clients in homework assignments in CBT workshop. June 2014. Dr N Kazantzis (Australia), IACP, Hong Kong.
  • Simplifying Personality Disorder Treatment: The new paradigm for CBT workshop. May 2014. Dr C Padesky (USA), Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Cognitive Therapy supervision and training program. June 2013. Dr R Fingerhut and Dr D Sudak (USA), The Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA.
  • Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety traps workshop. April 2013. Dr C Padesky (USA), Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders workshop. August 2012. Dr J Beck (USA), APA conference, Orlando, USA.
  • Addressing religion and spirituality in psychotherapy - from a psychodynamic, existential and CBT perspective workshop. August 2012. Dr E Shafranske (USA) and Dr T Siang-Yang (China), APA conference, Orlando, USA.

Additional online, electronic and conference training received in technical aspects include socratic questioning, applying behavioural experiments, administering thought records, working with core beliefs and assumptions, treating mood and anxiety disorders, treating psychotic disorders, mindfulness-based treatments and metacognitive therapy. Culture-fit psychotherapy for SA is continually addressed. Prior to 2012, she attended training programs in clinical hypnosis, neuropsychological screening, marital and sex therapy and medical psychology.

She has been affiliated to the following professional bodies:

  • ACT (Academy of Cognitive Therapy), active 
  • IACP (International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy), active
  • ABCT (Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, USA)
  • BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies)
  • APA (American Psychological Association) 
  • PsySSA (Psychological Society of SA), active
  • SADAG (SA Depression and Anxiety Group), active
  • CPF (Clinical Psychology Forum), active
  • MPS (Medical Protection Society), active 

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