CBT has proven to be effective in most mental disorder categories and is therefore referred to as evidence-based treatment.  Some of the most commonly treated disorders and reading options for the public are described below.3 

Information on Neuro-developmental, Dissociative, Somatization, Eating, Elimination, Sexual Disfunction, Neuro-cognitive and Disruptive Impulse Control Disorders could be provided on inquiry.     

Depressive Disorders

affective disorder

Depression may be caused by a combination of physiological, personality and circumstancial factors (which may precipitate the condition, such as early or recent stress and the inablilty to cope with such). 

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Bipolar Related Disorders

bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

The condition was previously known as manic-depression,  where moods alternate at various intervals between being on a high and being very low.

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OCD Related Disorders

obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The etiology hereof is of biological and psychological nature. Symptoms include obsessions which are persistent, irrational and uncontrollable thoughts, and compulsions

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Trauma Related Disorders


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

In PTSD an individual had experienced or was witness to a traumatic event,  whereby the self or other was threatenend or harmed.   

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psychosis therapy

Schizophrenia is a physiological condition precipitated by various stressors and usually sets in at early adulthood.

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Personality Disorders

personality disorder

Personality disorders are longstanding and enduring traits of an individual which negatively effects different aspects of people’s lives, i.e. their thoughts, emotions, interpersonal functioning or impulse control.

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