What can you do to prepare yourself for therapy?

Cognitive TherapyThe most important first step is to set goals. You need to ask yourself, "How would I like to be different once I have completed my Cognitive Therapy?" Specifically think about the changes you would like to make at work, at home, in your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and others. You need to think about what symptoms bother you and which ones would you like to decrease or eliminate. You also need to think about areas you would like to improve in your life such as pursuing spiritual / intellectual / cultural interests, increasing exercise, decreasing bad habits, learning new interpersonal skills, improving management skills at work or at home. Here at CBT Therapists we specialize in Cognitive Therapy, one of our therapists will help you evaluate and refine these goals, into goals that require therapy and goals that you can achieve on your own.

Source: Academy Of Cognitive Therapy - http://www.academyofct.org/


Schizophrenia Therapy CbttherapistsSchizophrenia is a physiological condition precipitated by various stressors and usually sets in at early adulthood. Delusions (irrational belief systems) or hallucinations (perceptual experiences without a real stimulus being present), disorganized behavior and speech, as well as inappropriate and despondent feelings may be present. Symptoms are divided into positive (the presence of symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations and disturbed thinking) and negative (the absence of motivation, activity, emotion, social interaction, etc). It is caused by various components, including genes, a disruption of neurotransmitters and emotional/social stressors. Here at CBT Therapists our Schizophrenia Therapy is helpful for controlling symptoms and social functioning coping. Medication, CBT and Metacognitive Therapy are also used. Community and family support are essential. Psychotic symptoms can be found in other conditions as well. Contact CBT Therapists today to get the deserving Schizophrenia Therapy you need.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder Therapy Pretoria CbtGeneral feelings of anxiety during the past six months, including worry, restlessness, muscle tension, irritability and sleep disturbance may be present. It may seem that your anxiety appears without cause, but is triggered by some or other stimuli. Here at CBT we offer anxiety disorder therapy Pretoria based.
Therapy starts with helping you to decide what you need from the treatment. It is a joint process and will require work in between sessions. The link between one's physiology, thoughts, feelings and behavior within a given situation will be shown. You will be helped with techniques to challenge your worries and learn better ways to cope and act in situations, rather than to avoid them. Contact CBT to assist you with your anxiety disorder therapy Pretoria based.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Therapy CbttherapistsCognitive Therapy is founded on the model of a dynamic interaction between a specific context, biology, thoughts, feelings and behaviour and integrates some of the philosophical and theoretic contributions from Epicetus, Adler, Ellis, Lazarus and Wolpe. Case conceptualization and treatment emphasis differs from that of i.e. REBT.
The focus of therapy is determined by the specific problem and is individually tailored to the person. The process of therapy is facilitated by guided discovery, whereby thinking is tested by what is termed 'collaborative empiricism'. The truth is hereby investigated and derived at together through the therapist's facilitative questions. Therapy consists of various cognitive and behavioural interventions, and the encouragement of appropriate affect. The therapeutic relationship provides the medium through which change is brought about and is determined by the condition treated. It is always based on trust and compassion. Contact CBT Therapists today for a cognitive therapy session.

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