group psychotherapyGroup Therapy is a type of psychotherapy which consists of a therapy session between one or more therapists and several patients at the same time. Group Therapy is more commonly used alongside a treatment plan of a patient, which includes individual therapy sessions and sometimes medication.

Within The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, author Irvin D. Yalom presents key principles regarding Group Therapy, these include but aren't limited to:

1. Hope - The Instillation of Hope is an important aspect within Group Therapy. Since Group Psychotherapy consists of a group of patients it is often found that some of the patients are already on different levels within the therapy. By seeing the "older" patients who are already recovering and managing to cope it instills hope within those who are still starting their recovery and therapy process.

2. Universitality - Group Therapy allows patients to interact with others who are in similar situations or experiences as they are, which in return helps each patient by understanding that the problems which they are facing are universal and that they are not alone.

3. Altruism - Being in a group therapy session can lead to patients boosting each other's self-esteem and confidence through conviding in one another and sharing each other's strengths.

4. Family - The therapy group represents a family in many ways, within the group each member is able to explore the manner in which their own, and others', childhood experiences have contributed towards who they are, their personalities and behavioural habits. 

5. Socialization - By patients coming into contact with other members within the group therapy session, it allows patients to develop and improve their socialization techniques. By patients improving their social skills it prepares them for society and life beyond therapy.

CBT Therapist specializes in group Psychotherapy, and by assisting patients with substance abuse.

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