Children with Behavioural and Emotional Disorders

CBT Therapy, cognitive therapy, is a proven treatment that aids young patients suffering from behavioural and emotional disorders.

CBT Therapy for ChildrenCBT Therapy is most often used in conjunction with behavioural and emotional therapy, the aim is to help the manner in wich the child lets out their emotions and behaviours.

What are the benefits of CBT THerapy for your child?

  1. Receiving emotional support
  2. Resolving conflicts with others
  3. Understanding how feelings impact thoughts and actions
  4. Reversing negative patterns of thinking, addressing bad habits
  5. Appropriately dealing with stress and frustration
  6. Participating positively in a variety of activities
  7. Setting goals to replace negative patterns of behavior with positive ones
  8. New ways of learning and self-help techniques are reinforced
  9. Increase in self-esteem
  10. Improved performance at school, at home and in social situations
  11. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used to treat anxiety and depression and to prevent relapse of anxiety or depression in children who have been treated with medications.

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