When you start noticing that you are undergoing insomnia and when you suffer from insomnia, everything else suffers about you, physically and emotionally. Having a serious case of insomnia means that you can't concentrate, your productivity is very low, your stomach hurts constantly, you are always irritable and you easily snap at your friends and loved ones. Worst of all is that your happiness is almost like a distant dream.

But with CBT treatment, treating insomnia is something you can do together with the CBT-I program. The CBT-I has five essential aspects to follow to be cured of insomnia.

  • Stimulation Control
  • Sleep Restrictions
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Sleep Hygiene Education
  • Relaxation Strategies

Treating insomnia isn't an easy task, but insomnia isn't NOT curable. Just keep an eye on your diet and the activities that you do during your day then treating insomnia will be something of the past.

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