CBT Therapy for Children with Behavioural and Emotional Disorders

Children with Behavioural and Emotional Disorders

CBT Therapy, cognitive therapy, is a proven treatment that aids young patients suffering from behavioural and emotional disorders.

CBT Therapy for ChildrenCBT Therapy is most often used in conjunction with behavioural and emotional therapy, the aim is to help the manner in wich the child lets out their emotions and behaviours.

What are the benefits of CBT THerapy for your child?

  1. Receiving emotional support
  2. Resolving conflicts with others
  3. Understanding how feelings impact thoughts and actions
  4. Reversing negative patterns of thinking, addressing bad habits
  5. Appropriately dealing with stress and frustration
  6. Participating positively in a variety of activities
  7. Setting goals to replace negative patterns of behavior with positive ones
  8. New ways of learning and self-help techniques are reinforced
  9. Increase in self-esteem
  10. Improved performance at school, at home and in social situations
  11. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used to treat anxiety and depression and to prevent relapse of anxiety or depression in children who have been treated with medications.

At the CBT-Therapist Pretoria we offer expert and professional service in Cognative Behavioural Therapy.

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Individual Psychotherapy with Dr Pienaar

At CBT- Therapist, Dr Shane Pienaar provides patients with the utmost professional and expert councelling, therapy and advise. 

Dr Shane Pienaar provides services such as Individual Psychotherapy sessions where within the first two sessions Dr Shane Pienaar focuses on getting to know the patient on a deeper level, gaining trust and getting closer to a diagosis. 

After the first two sessions weekly or bi-monthly sessions are booked for stay-out patients and daily sessions for stay-in patients, these sessions on average take approx. 50 minutes and can range between 12-22 appointments.

In instances where more complex personality factors occur, more appointments can be scheduled.

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* Medical aid rates and levies for new patients apply *

Group Psychotherapy

group psychotherapyGroup Therapy is a type of psychotherapy which consists of a therapy session between one or more therapists and several patients at the same time. Group Therapy is more commonly used alongside a treatment plan of a patient, which includes individual therapy sessions and sometimes medication.

Within The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, author Irvin D. Yalom presents key principles regarding Group Therapy, these include but aren't limited to:

1. Hope - The Instillation of Hope is an important aspect within Group Therapy. Since Group Psychotherapy consists of a group of patients it is often found that some of the patients are already on different levels within the therapy. By seeing the "older" patients who are already recovering and managing to cope it instills hope within those who are still starting their recovery and therapy process.

2. Universitality - Group Therapy allows patients to interact with others who are in similar situations or experiences as they are, which in return helps each patient by understanding that the problems which they are facing are universal and that they are not alone.

3. Altruism - Being in a group therapy session can lead to patients boosting each other's self-esteem and confidence through conviding in one another and sharing each other's strengths.

4. Family - The therapy group represents a family in many ways, within the group each member is able to explore the manner in which their own, and others', childhood experiences have contributed towards who they are, their personalities and behavioural habits. 

5. Socialization - By patients coming into contact with other members within the group therapy session, it allows patients to develop and improve their socialization techniques. By patients improving their social skills it prepares them for society and life beyond therapy.

CBT Therapist specializes in group Psychotherapy, and by assisting patients with substance abuse.

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Prep for Therapy

cognitive behavioral therapyMany people do not know how they can prepare themselves for therapy, but the most important step is to set personal goals. By asking youself how you would like to be after therapy, what changes you would like to see, especially changes in your personal spaces such as home, work and within your relationships with spouses, friends, family, co-workers, etc. By setting goals you will be able to work towards a point where you will be able to monitor the difference from the start of therapy towards the end. One needs to take a look at the symptoms that seem to bother you and discuss which ones you would like to eliminate. 

Here at CBT Therapists we specialize in Cognitive Therapy, contact us today to let CBT Therapists help you become a better you.


Source: Academy Of Cognitive Therapy - http://www.academyofct.org/

CBT on Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder Therapy Pretoria Cbt


Do you suffer from Anxiety? Anxiety symptoms include insomnia, irritability, muscle tension, restlessness, sleep disturbance and an increase in worry. You might think that your anxiety happens without cause, but truth is that it is triggered by a stimuli. 

Dr. Shane Pienaar du Bruyn (D.Phil Psychology, UP) is a Clinical Psychologist and Internationally Certified CBT Therapist, at CBT Dr. Shane offers anxiety disorder therapy Pretoria Based.

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